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ladies shooting for their own hands, among other things

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Brave (Pixar, 2012)

Brave   Merida  

From the Inside Out sneak peek on Disney Movies Anywhere, we now have our first glimpse of Riley, the 11 year old girl who acts as the setting for these emotions.

At first glance her design is a little generic, but she’s grown on me. I think she’s pretty cute and wholesome looking! And I would also like to add that Disgust never fails to disappoint! I already know who my favorite character is.

merida + tvtropes

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Brave   Merida  

Pixar Challenge - Favourite Characters

[5/5] Colette

5 disney film meme:
9. Favorite Outfit: Colette’s biker get up (motorbike included XD)
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Violet’s Character Development


Character Designs for Brave

Character Designs for Brave

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The wage fixing scandal that has been brought to light involving Pixar, Disney, and DreamWorks is really quite disheartening. It’s absolutely gut wrenching to think that the people who work at these places, who pour so much of themselves, their time, and their talent into the films and projects weren’t being paid what they deserve. It makes me sick to think that such greed could exist, even if this is something that’s “business as usual.”

I’m extremely disappointed and deeply hurt by Ed Catmull. I’ve admired him for years. Reading Creativity, Inc. gave me new perspective and insights not only into Pixar and the creative process, but life in general. I was planning on applying a lot of Catmull’s ideas to my personal endeavors as well as my professional ones. To think that a man who appeared so genuine, humble, and kind could be capable of something unethical is just so hard to understand. There’s lots of us, teenagers and those in our twenties, who looked up to him as a leader and someone to emulate. Imagine the shock and betrayal we feel, even if we didn’t know him personally.

I’m disgusted that Pixar is embroiled in a scandal. But Pixar has always been bigger than Ed Catmull or John Lasseter. I don’t think Pixar belongs to Ed anymore. He’s partly responsible for what it is today, but he forfeited his right to that incredible place when he willingly treated his employees not as friends or family, but simply a means to an end.

Don’t give up on Pixar. Support those artists and animators who go through hell for the perfect shot. Support those directors with their visions. Champion people like Bob Peterson and Brenda Chapman. Remember that Pixar has always been more than just a film company or a building tucked away in Emeryville, California.

Pixar is yours and mine. Its spirit will always flourish no matter who is leading. And it will always be as good as the people working tirelessly to bring us the magic.